Great companies are built on strong brands that influence customer choice and build loyalty. A strong brand is a competitive asset-one that can improve market position and contribute to a company’s profitability. We firmly believe that uniting the subsidiaries of American Sugar Holdings under one name and visual identity is vital to the continued growth and success of our company.

While we will continue to nurture and grow our regional brands in their markets, we want the ASR Group brand identity to convey a distinct personality and a consistent brand image. It is not intended that ASR Group take the place of our regional brands. Instead, the ASR Group brand is intended to build on, and enhance, the premiere brand position established by our existing portfolio of brands while conveying to our employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners the size, depth and diversity of our entire enterprise.

Today, we will begin to use the ASR Group brand proudly alongside our various regional brands on all communications, packaging, marketing materials, and other business documents. Branding and usage guidelines have been prepared to assist you in writing, designing, or producing ASR Group brand communications and marketing materials. It is imperative that these guidelines be followed if we are to achieve our goal of communicating a strong, unified brand identity.

Throughout the week you will be receiving emails from our Legal Department regarding the branding and usage guidelines, the roll out of our new email signature and ASR Group website, and other matters that will help guide you in the integration of the ASR Group brand into your day-to-day business activities.

We realize the full integration of the ASR Group brand will take time; however, every journey begins with the first step, and today, we are very pleased that such first step has been taken.

Luis J. Fernandez
Co -President

Antonio L. Contreras, Jr.
Co -President

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